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21 Jan, 2019
Why are RSVPs so hard to get in a timely manner? 
You've probably been the culprit of a late RSVP, at one point or another. The RSVP card gets lost in a stack of mail on your counter, or you plan on checking the date at your office and totally forget about it. Maybe you fill out the card and seal the envelope, but never drop it into a mailbox. Here's how to ensure you get the maximum number of...
16 Jan, 2019
Tell us about the proposal!
Wes had planned a trip to Las Vegas and found a magician who specializes in proposals.  After watching the fountains at the Bellagio, the magician approached Wes and Elie as if he were doing a television show about magic and asked if they would participate.  The magic trick led to the proposal (written on Ace of hearts playing card) and the “magical” appearance of the...
14 Jan, 2019
Tipping is not mandatory, but can be an appreciated gesture to those who help make your wedding day extra special. Tips are considered a nice surprise by almost all vendors. Never feel obligated to give a generous tip if the service you received was less than stellar.
Hairstylist and Make-up Artist: Tip just as you would in a salon! Usually 15-20% is more than generous.
Ceremony Officiant: Most...