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16 Jan, 2019
Tell us about the proposal!
Wes had planned a trip to Las Vegas and found a magician who specializes in proposals.  After watching the fountains at the Bellagio, the magician approached Wes and Elie as if he were doing a television show about magic and asked if they would participate.  The magic trick led to the proposal (written on Ace of hearts playing card) and the “magical” appearance of the...
02 Jan, 2019
How did you meet?
We met 7 years ago as freshmen while attending college in Nashville, Tennessee. We lived in the same dorm and were introduced to each other by a mutual friend.
Tell us about the proposal!
Cory had planned a very special date, he had been hyping it up for over a week saying we should go out and spoil ourselves. When Cory took an unexpected detour to the Parthenon in Nashville, I...
19 Dec, 2018
How did you meet?
We met on the social media app Tinder. 
How did he propose?
We were at my parents house and Will got up and told my parents that he had something important that he needed to ask them. My dad said he knew what he wanted to ask and it was yes. Will then turned around and got on one knee and asked me to marry him. 

Why Skylinks Golf Course?
We visited about 4 other wedding...